Micro Fulfillment & Advanced Automation – Whitepaper

The recent global events have made it clearer than ever that our supply chains must be local and highly automated to respond to shifts in channel volumes. Stores out of stock or closed, a flooded e-commerce network that cannot keep up with demand, disappointed customers as a result of stock outs and slow delivery combine to drive business to the retail winners who have inventory positioned and well stocked in local markets aligned with consumer demand. A dependence on available labor and the luxury of multiday fulfillment models must become a part of supply chain history. Zeer goede white paper…Continue reading Micro Fulfillment & Advanced Automation – Whitepaper

Webinar Recording | Automation & Robotics in Warehousing

By eliminating space constraints & increasing execution speed, Robots have exponentially improved warehouse productivity. Is now the right time for you to consider implementation of Automation & Robotics in your Warehouse? What are the factors to be considered in this decision making process? Listen to the webinar recording to know the answers. Hier kun je de webinar van Ramco en GreyOrange volgen : https://youtu.be/_DLm6g2oSis   

The Biggest Sign Yet That Automation Is Taking Over at Amazon – Gizmodo article

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Gizmodo) The day after Christmas, Amazon celebrated its own annual holiday tradition: announcing record-breaking sales in a very long press release that affirms its status as the largest retailer in the known universe. As such, Jeff Bezos’s Big Store said that in 2018, it surpassed its own sales records with “More Items Ordered Worldwide Than Ever Before.” Of course, Amazon announces some version of that milestone just about every year, as it continues to upend brick-and-mortar stores and march into new digital markets around the globe. What is notable, though, is that this time, Amazon hit its record with fewer seasonal employees than, yes, ever…Continue reading The Biggest Sign Yet That Automation Is Taking Over at Amazon – Gizmodo article

Strategische samenwerking fysieke winkel en webshop?

Strategische samenwerking fysieke winkel en webshop? Voorwaarde: een omnichannel logistiek met realtime voorraadbeheer om verschillende locaties tegelijkertijd te beheren. Uitdaging voor webshops: sneller leveren tegen lagere kosten   Wat is de belofte van e-commerce? De consument een zo breed mogelijk scala aan producten aanbieden via zijn webshop om deze vervolgens zo snel mogelijk bij de klant af te leveren waar en wanneer de klant het wenst. De afgelopen 10 jaar hebben grote e-commerce spelers de levertermijn bij de klant steeds verder aangescherpt. ‘Vandaag besteld, morgen in huis’ is de standaard geworden waarbij sommige bedrijven in en rondom de grote steden…Continue reading Strategische samenwerking fysieke winkel en webshop?

Future of E-commerce: een kijkje in de glazen bol – OnlineRetailer – artikel

  E-commerce is in Nederland niet meer weg te denken en heeft het retail landschap voorgoed veranderd. Van een status quo is echter geen sprake. E-commerce blijft zich voortdurend ontwikkelen. Wat kunnen we de komende jaren verwachten? Gaat de slimme speaker ons land veroveren? Zijn marktplaatsen en grote reuzen uit het buitenland een serieuze bedreiging voor onze retailers? Of worden ook de marktplaatsen bedreigd door weer andere initiatieven? We vragen het de twaalf experts aan tafel tijdens onze Ronde Tafel Sessie met als thema ‘Future of E-commerce’. Hoe shopt de Nederlandse consument in 2020 is de eerste stelling die we…Continue reading Future of E-commerce: een kijkje in de glazen bol – OnlineRetailer – artikel

La Redoute, Reflex WMS , Logaps

La Redoute uses Reflex WMS to manage its Quai 30 mechanized warehouse

The project at a glance La Redoute has opted to build a brand-new, fully mechanized logistics warehouse to remain at the forefront of e-commerce standards—picking orders in two hours, managing a vast catalog of items, maintaining stock accuracy, and delivering within 24 hours. The retailer has also chosen Reflex WMS to manage all its logistics processes and flows. Business sector: e-commerce Sites: 42,000 m2 mechanized warehouse in Wattrelos, north-eastern France Solution: Reflex WMS Web “By introducing Reflex WMS alongside automated warehouse systems, we’ve achieved productivity and service standard gains across all our processes—from incoming deliveries and storage, to order picking, shipping and returns.” Patrice Fitzner…Continue reading La Redoute uses Reflex WMS to manage its Quai 30 mechanized warehouse

E-Commerce Logistics

E-Commerce Logistics is a set of communication computing and collaborative technologies that helps to transform logistical processes to be consumer centric by sharing data, knowledge and information with supply chain partners. The ultimate aim of e-commerce logistic is to deliver right product in right quantities at right place and to the right customer.