Supply Chain Innovations – BE

  Tijdens Supply Chain Innovations zal La Redoute alles vertellen over hun  REFLEX WMS case.   La Redoute is one of the European top e-retailers with more than 10 million active customers across 26 countries, an average of 9 million unique monthly visitors, and 300,000 items related to fashion, textiles, furniture and home furnishings. A couple of years ago, the company led a digital revolution in logistics. The e-retailer invested in a brand-new, ultra-modern and fully mechanized warehouse to remain at the forefront of e-commerce standards —picking orders in two hours, managing a vast catalogue of items, maintaining a stock accuracy, and delivering within 24 hours.

Webinar Recording | Automation & Robotics in Warehousing

By eliminating space constraints & increasing execution speed, Robots have exponentially improved warehouse productivity. Is now the right time for you to consider implementation of Automation & Robotics in your Warehouse? What are the factors to be considered in this decision making process? Listen to the webinar recording to know the answers. Hier kun je de webinar van Ramco en GreyOrange volgen :   

GreyOrange To Launch New Products For Flexible Automation In Distribution Centres

HAMBURG: Robotics and warehouse automation company, GreyOrange, will launch its new modular sortation system and demonstrate upgraded versions of its Butler and PickPal at LogiMAT 2019, the 17th International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management in Stuttgart, Germany on 19-21 February. Today, retailers and logistics businesses face many new kinds of complexities and challenges due to the unprecedented growth in volumes, combined with the volatility of peak periods and increased pressure to cut operational costs. GreyOrange will present a portfolio of AI-powered solutions that bring Flexible Automation to life; it reduces complexities and delivers maximum productivity, from inventory management […]

The Biggest Sign Yet That Automation Is Taking Over at Amazon – Gizmodo article

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Gizmodo) The day after Christmas, Amazon celebrated its own annual holiday tradition: announcing record-breaking sales in a very long press release that affirms its status as the largest retailer in the known universe. As such, Jeff Bezos’s Big Store said that in 2018, it surpassed its own sales records with “More Items Ordered Worldwide Than Ever Before.” Of course, Amazon announces some version of that milestone just about every year, as it continues to upend brick-and-mortar stores and march into new digital markets around the globe. What is notable, though, is that this time, Amazon hit its record with fewer seasonal employees than, yes, ever […]

XPO Logistics schaft 5.000 robots aan

Logistiek dienstverlener XPO Logistics is van plan om 5.000 intelligente pickrobots aan te schaffen. Het bedrijf wil de robots inzetten in alle distributiecentrum-locaties in Noord-Amerika en Europa. Volgens XPO Logistics zijn deze robots (cobots, red.) ontworpen om samen te werken met mensen. De cobots zullen het bestaande personeelsbestand van de logistiek dienstverlener aanvullen en daarnaast de toekomstige groei van de het bedrijf vorm geven. XPO: ‘Robots in acht Europese landen’ XPO schaft de cobots aan bij het Singaporese/Indiase bedrijf, GreyOrange. Met deze robotproducent is gelijk ook een exclusieve samenwerking overeenkomst gesloten, meldt de logistiek dienstverlener afgelopen woensdag in een persbericht. […]

Het automatiserings concept voor e-commerce logistiek – interview

Bedrijven moeten in het warehouse de stap maken naar automatisering en mechanisering. Daar is volgens Ronald Schepers van Logaps geen ontkomen meer aan. “Wij helpen bedrijven die business case te maken en de oplossing te implementeren met behulp van ‘smart logistics’.” Schepers vertelt over hoe robotics met goods-to-person technologie de manier verandert waarop logistiek en supply chains worden aangestuurd en geoptimaliseerd. En dat blijkt bereikbaarder dan ooit, ook voor relatief kleine partijen. Lees hier het gehele interview met Ronald Schepers : Interview Schepers

Logaps, Butler, GreyOrange

GreyOrange partner summit

We look forward to welcoming the largest group of Partners to the GreyOrange Summit next week. We are excited to meet with all of them along with new partners from #USA, #Brazil, #Chile, #UK, #Netherlands, #France, #Korea, #Vietnam as we expand into these markets.